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Let's keep plastics out of the ocean! 
G'day! I'm Ned. I'm 11 years old and this is my Eco Kids Biz!
G'day! I'm Ned. Welcome to my Eco Kids Biz - The Turtle Tribe. 
I'm just a regular Aussie kid trying to make a difference in the world,
but I can't do it without you!
My goal is to make your life easier and the world just a little bit better,  every day. 

Experts estimate there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean.

They gather in great floating garbage patches in the middle of the oceans, but also wash up on beaches all around the world.

As the plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, birds, turtles, fish and other sea life eat them, thinking they're food. Eventually they die from the mass of plastic in their guts.

  • When I go camping with my family I find old plastic garbage washed up on the wild Pacific Ocean beach we camp at every year! So I've decided to do something about it. Will you help me?
  • I send plastic-free products all over Australia, including toothbrushes, floss, hair brushes, cotton buds, bento boxes and more. They're all awesome quality, and I guarantee you'll like them or you can return them for a full refund.

Let's never let THIS happen again!

Why use plastic when bamboo alternatives are available and will biodegrade in the environment?
bamboo toothbrushes
Never buy Plastic ones again.
have a 100% biodegradable.
handle, and regular nylon bristles, so work just the same.
Corn floss
Vegan, biodegradable
Corn bio-plastic Floss
in a glass jar, with candelilla wax and natural mint flavour
30m. Biodegradable.
S/Steel Straws
100% plastic-free
Silk Dental Floss
in a glass jar, with candelilla wax and natural mint flavour
30m. Biodegradable.
Bento box
Why use plastic when  
work just the same?
100% biodegradable.
Pack of 200.

Ned, founder of The Turtle Tribe

Thanks for supporting my eco 'kids biz'.   
I founded The Turtle Tribe so together we can make a difference for the worlds oceans and the creatures who live in it. 


10 percent of profits go to my friends at Ocean Crusaders, an awesome local charity who run waterway clean-ups around Australia as well as education campaigns to keep plastics out of the ocean.
Ocean Crusaders

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